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Rock Band Camp

We are very excited for our 11th year of Rock Band Camp! Our week-long camps are a creative and exciting way for any musician to quickly grow as a player, listener and bandmate.

  • Small groups of 4 to 6 students are matched up based on musical ability (more than age). Small groups ensure that each bandmate is given plenty of personal instruction.

  • Students develop as a unit throughout the week through improvisational jams, listening exercises, choosing their own setlist and even writing their own songs!

  • Bands are given an opportunity to design and promote their own show to be performed at the end of the week in front of all their adoring fans!

  • Camps are run by Mike Preston, who runs the guitar/drum studio. Mike will be joined by our amazing drum instructor Alex Mold for camps with larger groups.

Camps run Monday to Friday for 2.5 hours/day. Call the school for specific times and dates.

  • $200/week





Always wanted to learn an instrument but not sure which one? Try our introductory class tailored to the young beginner who is still deciding on an instrument.

Small groups of 3-4 students with little to no experience playing music

Kids will learn about each of the major instruments we offer-piano/keyboard, guitar, drums, bass, ukulele and voice

Individualized time on each instrument with the instructor

Learn and perform a basic song together with your bandmates

No instruments required

Camps run Monday to Friday for 2 hrs per day. Call the school for specific times and dates

  • $160/week


Drum Camp

We are fortunate to have our drum instructor Alex Mold running Drum Camps this Summer! Drum Camp is for ages 5 and up. Little to no experience required.

Small groups of 3 to 6 will be matched according to level and age.

Drum Campers will develop their own playing while being part of a group that will build group musicianship skills. They will also learn to understand and read rhythm, play in a group, play along with music, and take solos as part of the program. Compositions are also encouraged! The group will also put on a show at the end of the week.

  • Electronic drums, acoustic drums, and mixed hand percussion instruments are available to play.

  • Other topics: techniques for hand percussion, rudiment exercises for drum kit/snare, playing with brushes, and more.

    Camps run Monday to Friday for 2.5 hours per day. Call the school for specific times and dates

  • $200/week