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Our music school could not possibly be what it is without our talented and devoted teachers, many of whom have been with us for more than 10 years. Our faculty is passionate about all music and represents a wide variety of styles and instruments.  We are sure we can find the right fit for you!



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At Brentwood School of Music we believe in the personal touch. We would love the opportunity to answer all of your questions over the phone. This helps us to match you with the instructor best suited to your style of music and learning.



Our Teachers



Kathy Criddle

  • RCM Exam Prep

  • All Styles

  • Beginner to Advanced

Kathleen studied Orff at UVic and founded our original Young Children's music program.  Fun and encouraging, she has provided piano instruction for more than 20 years!  She welcomes students of all ages, youth to adult.

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Katherine Campbell

  • RCM Exam Prep

  • All Styles

  • Beginner to Advanced

A native of Prince Edward Island - one of the richest musical Provinces - Katherine is another long time teacher at the Brentwood School of Music. A model for consistency, Katherine has trained hundreds of competent pianists over the years.  Her enthusiasm for piano translates into any material her students want to learn.



Cecelia Griffin

  • RCM Exam Prep

  • All Styles

  • Beginner to Advanced

Cecelia joined the Brentwood School of Music in 2016 after many years teaching in her home studio. Cecelia's warm and friendly demeanour along with her years of experience, make her a delightful and encouraging teacher. She is looking forward to helping many more students learn the gift of music.



Early Childhood Music, Choir & Piano

Cindy Mackey


  • Bachelor of Education specializing in Music Education

  • Certificate in Early Childhood Education

Trained in Kodaly and Orff methodology with years of experience teaching young children, Cindy is excited to grow her studio and the Early Childhood Music program.



Lina Streltsov

Glier Music College/Prokofiev Academy of Music

Lina Streltsov’s career as a musician spans across three countries. She started formal studies in Ukraine as a choir conductor and vocal director, and graduated from the prestigious Glier Music College in Kiev and Prokofiev Academy of Music. Working with choirs of all ages in Ukraine, Israel and Canada, Lina is has covered a wide range of classical and folk music as well as modern Pop songs. Lina is thrilled to be joining the Brentwood School of Music while also conducting the Ukrainian choir in Victoria.

Lina believes that each person is given unique capabilities and talents for a purpose. She utilizes her comprehensive teaching experience and professional skills to help her students develop their unique abilities while discovering their voice, their art and themselves.



Maki Yamagata

University of Victoria

  • B.A. Honours in Music Performance

Camosun College

  • Diploma in Music

Maki is excited to share her knowledge and passion for music through teaching at the Brentwood School of Music. She aims to assist each student to develop not only solid foundation but also a positive relationship with music which takes a lot of patience, encouragement, and fun!
She started playing the Violin at the age of five, and has received a number of awards in the course of her education; she has won Johann Strauss Foundation Scholarship, the 1st prize from UViv Solo Bach Competition as well as from a chamber music competition in Vancouver. She has also been invited to attend many music festivals and courses in Europe.
Besides her music life, she is a painter and a dog enthusiast.


Guitar/DrumS/Jazz piano

Mike Preston

Bishop's University

  • B.A. Honours in Music in jazz guitar performance

Mike has been at the Brentwood School of Music since 2005, when he moved to Vancouver Island from Montréal. He has been an obsessed natural musician since he discovered Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” in 1982. Mike has been playing music all his life and has a very deep relationship with multiple musical traditions (jazz, blues, rock, classical, metal, Latin, bluegrass). While his first love is guitar, Mike has always been passionate about drums and piano. Mike is very fortunate to have studied theory and composition with Juno winning Composer Dr. Andrew MacDonald at Bishop’s University in Lennoxville, Quebec. Mike loves teaching and he has enjoyed helping people understand music all his life.



Darren Davidson

  • Rock/Pop/Blues Country/Folk Fingerstyle

  • Beginner to Advanced

Darren is a very patient and encouraging guitar instructor, with 29 years teaching experience his goal with each student is to develop a solid musical foundation while having fun and teaching his students the songs they want to learn. He is also a music producer and mix engineer.


Percussion and Drums

Alex Mold

Keele University

  • B.A. Honours in Music

New College Wellington

  • Diploma in Music Practice





Alex Mold is a percussionist, songwriter and teacher from the UK. He has loved drumming since the age of nine. At 15, Alex began touring the UK in rock and jazz groups. After receiving a National Diploma in Music Practice from New College Wellington and graduating with a BA Honours in Music from Keele University, Alex began teaching in 2004. He is well-rehearsed in a wide range of musical genres. 

After playing music around the world, Alex is now settled on Vancouver Island and plays in bands across BC.  His teaching style is responsive and open to the needs of the student. Lessons include reading and writing of drum scores as well as encouraging the understanding of the musical language.